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Skin Care, Foot Massage Cream, Moisturising Cream

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Change rough feet into Gounbal ~
Gounbal (smooth) Foot Cream 100g
Effect to foot keratin removal / EMU oil

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You can resolve skin troubles of seriously dry and rough feet with
intensive foot treatment. With mix of tocopherol and high quality fatty
acid of grape-seed oil, rough and hardened dead skin cells become
soft and moisturized. Long lasting moisture element changes extremely
dry area of heel to moist and gentle one, and provides refreshing
feeling through quick and neat absorption as soon as it is applied. 


Joints Love (HOT) Joints Cream 120g
Massage Care Cream for joints before and after exercise
Contains ingredients including emu oil, glucosamine, acanthopanax
extract, lycium extract, Achyranthes bidentata extract, and capsaicin,
this product is a HOT joints massage cream that can be applied
gently, just like giving a massage on neck, shoulders, arms, knees,
legs, and joints before and after exercise, and gives refreshing feeling


LOVE Massage Care Cream

It is a cream that help to joint and it has gluc osamine, extracts
from acanthopanax senticosus, Chinese matrimony vine extract
and Oriental chaff flower. you can feel refreshed when you apply
this cream on the joint of neck, shoulder, arm, leg and knee.
Emu is only one unusual bird of Struthionidae, 1.8M , 51Kg and the most
biggest bird in austrailria. emu oil is 100% natural oil from emu's chest
and it usually use for ease burn-skin and regenerate of skin. it organized
advanced unsaturated fatty acid (omega-3,6,7 and 9). 

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Skin Care_ Foot Massage Cream_ Moisturising Cream